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Chemical Dependency Counselor Written Examination Preparation Class

Taking the Chemical Dependency Counselor written exam is an important milestone in a counselor’s career. This curriculum is designed to summarize the large body of knowledge to which candidates have already been exposed through formal education and training or self study. The curriculum may be used for independent self-study, to facilitate discussion in study groups, or as the basis of exam preparation workshops.

The purpose of this curriculum is to reinforce previous learning, reminding candidates of what they already know. It is a tool for systematically reviewing the material and determining what content areas have been mastered sufficiently and which ones require more study. Candidates are encouraged to carefully read the curriculum a few paragraphs or pages at a time, highlighting important terms and making notes in the margins prior to attending the class.

Discussing the material with others and using the resources in the suggested reading list can provide clarification when needed.

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