Crossroads Consulting Group, Inc.

A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Group

Accreditation - Compliance - Consultation 

We work with Behavioral Healthcare organizations that are seeking to open a facility, become accredited by either The Joint Commission or CARF, and maintain regulatory compliance from The Joint Commission or CARF, CMS, Medicaid and other federal and state regulatory agencies.

The accreditation process can be difficult if navigated alone; however, with our professional guidance and experience, all of our clients have become and maintained being accredited!

Our comprehensive services include preparation for licensure, accreditation, and CMS Certification. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience working with CMS review and appeals for Psychiatric Hospitals and CMHC’s . Other services that we provide include The Joint Commission mock surveys, utilization review and quality assurance, medical records management, recoupment of revenue, nursing home litigation support, risk management, grant writing, and The Joint Commission 12 month Periodic Self-Assessment.

Our team has extensive expertise in all Behavioral Healthcare includes all aspects of initial Medicare, state licensure application, Joint Commission applications and onsite surveys including application submission, development of all Policy and Procedures, in-services, liaison with regulatory agencies, appeals, hearings and denials. We are currently involved in all aspects of appeals with 90% success in recoupment of denied claims handled with CMS Hearing Officers. We have extensive experience in all Clinical aspects of CMHC Programs. We also pride ourselves with our expertise in dealing with Medicare Fiscal Intermediaries, chart audits, clinical analysis and all aspects of Program Development in having clinical records that are reimbursable. Our team currently oversee multiple CMHCs for Quality Assurance, Joint Commission, AHCA and Medicare compliance.