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Training Schedule 2019

HIV/AIDS Education 12 CEUs



The purpose of this course is to provide a review of the causes and incidence of HIV/AIDS in Florida and the United States, managing possible co-infections of HIV, tests for HIV, modes of transmission for HIV, clinical management of HIV/AIDS, recognizing HIV/AIDS-associated psychosocial issues, and Florida law governing HIV/AIDS testing and disclosure.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Discuss the causes of HIV/AIDS and its incidence in the United States and in Florida.

• List possible co-infections and explain their management.

• Describe modes of transmission for HIV.

• Outline the issues and practical steps in HIV/AIDS prevention.

• Name commonly used tests for HIV/AIDS.

• Explain the clinical management of HIV/AIDS.

• List common psychosocial issues associated with HIV infection.

• Summarize the basic components of the Florida Omnibus AIDS Act.

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