Crossroads Consulting Group, Inc.

A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Group

Training Schedule 2019

From Preparation to Action: Getting Started 12 CEUs


Course Description:

The workshop provides a comprehensive course on guiding principles, strategies and skills for incorporating motivational interviewing techniques in client-centered work with particular focus on creating opportunities for behavior change. Participants of all experience levels are introduced to the foundation, theories and framework for implementing a dynamic strengths-based strategy for reducing risks and enhancing strengths in clients identified with compelling risk factors that may increase risk behaviors or lead them into the criminal justice system.

Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

• Establish framework for use of MI approach by agency/program staff

• Promote competent understanding of MI techniques and the rationale for use with tools in assessment, treatment planning, case management, and discharge planning;

• Provide practical learning experiences for skill development in MI strategies and application;

• Model a strengths-based approach in the spirit of MI training and staff coaching. 

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