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Training Schedule 2019

Counseling Theories: Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Theories 12 CEUs



This course is part of a series of workshops integrating various Theories of Counseling. This series was developed to meet the criteria for Certified Substance Abuse counselor entry level credentials in the topic of counseling theories and/or evidence-based practices. The series discusses fourteen of the major counseling theories. Content includes a brief history of the theory, the prominent figures that developed the theories, content and key terminology and a discussion of current research and applications of the theory in substance abuse treatment. 


Class participants will be able to: 

1. Describe and discuss the concept of a theory.

2. Describe and discuss the levels of conscious.

3. Describe the concept of countertransference as it is broadly and narrowly construed.

4. Understand the concept of projective identification and be able to identify internal cues that signal when this process may be active in treatment.

5. Explore the concept of boundaries in psychotherapy and discuss how good boundaries can serve a protective function for both patient and therapist, allowing each partner to feel strongly and speak freely.

6. Explore the concept of role responsiveness, how therapists must allow themselves to “fall into” the patient’s implicit patterns of relating to others, through discussion of participants’ case examples. 

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