Crossroads Consulting Group, Inc.

A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Group

Training Schedule 2019

Clinical Supervision and Professional Development 16 CEUs


Workshop Description:

The role of a clinical supervisor is unique and exciting; though at times it can become a daunting task. Increasingly, clinicians are being charged with the task of extending their roles to include clinical supervision, mentorship, and peer‐peer consultation. The purpose of this session is to

breakdown the fundamentals of clinical supervision; from theoretical models, to the practice of clinical supervision, and finally the evaluate processes of clinical supervision. Participants will engage in interactive case examples and role plays that will assist in learning and skill integration.

Workshop Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should increase their ability to effectively care for clients by being able to:

• Learn the various theoretical models of Clinical Supervision

• Learn strategies included in the set‐up and contracting stage of supervision

• Develop supervisory skills for individual Clinical Supervision; as well as implement these skills in their daily practice.

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