Crossroads Consulting Group, Inc.

A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Group

Training Schedule 2019

An Overview of Case Management with Alcohol and Other Drug Clients 12 CEUs


Course Goal 

The overall goal of this training is to provide participants with an overview of quality case management practice. The workshop is designed to build new skills, strengthen existing skills and expand the knowledge base of practitioners who provide services to people who abuse alcohol and other drugs 

Course Objectives 

Students will: 

* Explain comprehensive case management assessment 

* Develop treatment plans that are appropriate to client needs and include goals that are attainable, consistent with the client's capabilities and relevant to the client's life situation 

* Measure goal achievement and renegotiate treatment plans as needed 

* Explain the functions of case management 

* Identify community, city and state-wide resources to meet the bio-psycho-social needs of their clients

* Describe the key elements in establishing a referral network 

* Make appropriate referrals 

* Determine the effectiveness of referrals and treatment 

* Understand the current and potential impact of managed care on case management 

* Develop an approach to client advocacy

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